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Google Nexus Twitter account suggests surprise is coming today


Nexus S - Surprise incoming?

Google have just posted the following to the @googlenexus twitter account:

We have a surprise for you today. Stay tuned!

Can’t wait to find out what it is.

Couldn’t be the Honeycomb update for the Nexus S could it?  Or perhaps some exclusive new apps perhaps.

Alternativly it could just be a spoiler to steal some of Apple’s white iPhone 4 thunder. But then is a white phone news anyways?

Code4Pizza; Coding experience not necessary

I have just returned from a great night at Code4Pizza were I had the pleasure of meeting some really switched on people wanting to do stuff just to help people.  That’s a pretty good reason in my book.  We need more of it in this country.  I guess its what people did before David Cameron invented the “big society“. Continue reading

Why the UAE’s block on Blackberry is PR manna from heaven

The United Arab Emirates, and laterally Saudi Arabia, have announced that they intend to block several functions on Blackberry.  This can only be a good thing for RIM in my view whilst it obviously it isn’t great for the RIM country managers sales figures for those two markets.  Here’s the rub…

Continue reading

Why HTC are mistreating early adaptors by delaying the Hero update once again

By delaying the Android 2.1 update for the Hero yet again HTC is mistreating their early adaptors. I was one of those early adoptors. I bought the HTC Hero purely because it wasn’t an iPhone, or Windows for that matter.

The fact that it was running Android was a risk for me as a buyer but I was happy to take that risk as it meant that the phone could be updated regularly with new Android versions as they became available.

HTC benefited in sales volume and reduced s/w development costs purely because it was running Android and many people (now wrongly) believed this would lead to regular updates. HTC did nothing to dissuade people of that view.

I liked the phone, I still do and recommended it to many. Unfortunately now because of the shoddy handling of this update I can no longer recommend HTC phones to anyone and will be looking at alternatives when its time to upgrade it.

Google really needs to be aware of how issues such as this are ruining the Android ecosystem brand. Obviously HTC don’t want to canibalise sales of the Desire and Legend. I’m happy with that principle. That being the case they should have issued a statement way back in Oct/Nov to say that they would not be releasing any further updates for the Hero. But they didn’t. Instead they wanted to ride two horses making potential customers have that warm fuzzy feeling about future updates so they would commit to continue buying heroes until newer models were released. HTC shame on you.