Code4Pizza; Coding experience not necessary

I have just returned from a great night at Code4Pizza were I had the pleasure of meeting some really switched on people wanting to do stuff just to help people.  That’s a pretty good reason in my book.  We need more of it in this country.  I guess its what people did before David Cameron invented the “big society“. Continue reading “Code4Pizza; Coding experience not necessary”

Calls to action equals shopping elsewhere

I read a great article recently by Web Designer Lee Monroe on the virtues of call to action buttons.  The crux of his blog post was that the purpose of these strategically placed devices was to get you the viewer to carry out some form of action justifying the existence of the site.  Generally this will be to sign up as a member or in most cases buy something. 

In theory this should be a task made simple by a great web designer.  In theory it should lead to infinite riches for the ecommerce store in question.  Owners of large ecommerce web estates know this and the focus a lot of attention on getting call to action buttons right. Continue reading “Calls to action equals shopping elsewhere”