Code4Pizza; Coding experience not necessary

I have just returned from a great night at Code4Pizza were I had the pleasure of meeting some really switched on people wanting to do stuff just to help people.  That’s a pretty good reason in my book.  We need more of it in this country.  I guess its what people did before David Cameron invented the “big society“. Continue reading “Code4Pizza; Coding experience not necessary”

Launch of legislation website; Government skunk works

Launch of

The Con-Dem government launched its new website today which has been touted as holding every single law ever made in the UK since 1267.  It is effectively a consolidation of the old OPSI and Statute Law databases.  Yes there will be some efficiencies delivered by the merger and at a cost of £419,000 for some 6.5 million web pages and a similar number of pdfs it probably doesn’t represent bad value.

The PR blurb suggests that it will allow us ordinary citizens to scrutinise laws like never before and have our say.  It also suggests that it will enable us to view how laws change over time and that folks will be able to use the data to make mobile apps or add data to their own webapps.  I have had a quick look round the site Continue reading “Launch of legislation website; Government skunk works”