Geek to God 1 – Rich Dale: Planzai #projectathene

Today I had the pleasure of spending my lunch break chatting with Crafty Devil‘s Rich Dale about the upcoming demo of their Planzai web app at Showcase.  I was aware that they had been working on a tool aimed at helping up and coming bands and musicians get off the ground, what I actually saw simply blew me away. Continue reading “Geek to God 1 – Rich Dale: Planzai #projectathene”

Invented here syndrome; Demand attention

What is it with the Northern Ireland/British psyche that we are inclined to be derogatory about stuff, policy, ideas, innovations and such like that are thought up within the confines of ‘our wee country’ or the shores that make up these islands?

We fail to support and nurture that talent and believe that it is good enough to play on the national stage, never mind the global one.  Couple that with the penchant for feigning over things thought up in other countries and you have well and truly got on my goat.

Rory Cellan-Jones blog “Attention, please, for UK startups” hit a bit of a raw nerve when I read it.  To say I was incandescent with rage is a huge overstatement.  I was certainly remotely perturbed at what he was saying to say the least.

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Calls to action equals shopping elsewhere

I read a great article recently by Web Designer Lee Monroe on the virtues of call to action buttons.  The crux of his blog post was that the purpose of these strategically placed devices was to get you the viewer to carry out some form of action justifying the existence of the site.  Generally this will be to sign up as a member or in most cases buy something. 

In theory this should be a task made simple by a great web designer.  In theory it should lead to infinite riches for the ecommerce store in question.  Owners of large ecommerce web estates know this and the focus a lot of attention on getting call to action buttons right. Continue reading “Calls to action equals shopping elsewhere”