The other

Embrace the other
As your sister, your brother.
Engage and hear them
Don’t segregate nor fear them.

You are the other too.
Your father and mother who
Reared you, steered you
Are outsiders too.

Throw off the cloak or veil
Let openness prevail
Celebrate what we have in common
Let humanity grow, and thrive, and blossom.

Buzzard #shortpoems

Kiew, kiew, kiew,
Gliding, on the wind flow
Heard first, then I see you

Scanning for his prey
The raptor hovers like a drone.
Will they see another day?

Nonchalantly banking with his tail
Swooping earthward
Talons flexed like coffin nails.

I’m privileged that my home backs on to fields in the hills overlooking Belfast. The topography funnels wind, creating the perfect conditions for buzzards to glide and hover while they look for prey.

Regularly I watch as a breeding pair of these beautiful raptors soar and hunt in the fields that march the housing development.