Yes or No #indyref #shortpoems

Yes or no, what way will it go?
For the pollsters it’s a mystery
Who’ll be on the wrong side of history
Remember, wherever we draw the borders
On these isles we’re all sisters and brothers

Here’s hoping, your eyes are open
So fare thee well, decide your future
No matter the outcome apply a suture
To heal the wounds, don’t let them fester
A united people will fair better

Make #poetry

There is no more honourable thing
Than to hew, and shape, and build, and make
To break
In the pursuit of something real
Something that will heal

Our modern ills and lethargy
Brought about by the tools
That make us fools
Rather than freeing our time
To find
We slouch and flick
An impulsive tic
Addicted to the screen

Always a yearning
The trades
Forefathers practised
Resurrecting the craftsman gene
Coursing through the veins
To leave a mark
On this world
A story to be told
Some thing to have, and behold.